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The objectives of the Brooklyn Watercolor Society are to further the creative efforts of its members, to spread knowledge and cultivate interest in the watercolor medium.

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We are an organization of professional watercolorists with a wide variety of interests, goals and experience. Our signature members are recipients of many awards in major open art exhibitions and our paintings can be found in museums, public institutions and corporate and private collections.

We meet at least six times per year to share ideas, and to plan group exhibitions and activities, all towards the goal of encouraging interest in the watercolor medium. The Society is a non-profit organization, supporting itself from member’s dues, fees, and other activities.

Our annual dues are currently $50 for signature membership and $35 for associate members. Our group encourages the active participation of all member. Some of our committees include: Gallery, Special Events, Exhibit, and Public Relations.

Associate Membership

Associate members enjoy active participation in special events and other activities, including a monthly newsletter, invites to members only private showings and receptions, museum tours, paint outs and members pricing on on classes by award winning artists.

Signature membership

To qualify for Signature membership in the Brooklyn Watercolor Society, you must be a Brooklyn-affiliated watercolor artist, that is, living or working in the metropolitan area.

When invited to become a signature member, you will be given the details of each committee’s activities and asked which committee you would most like to join. To exhibit you must take on a responsibility to help in the running of the organization.

Applications are reviewed when received. You may apply directly to our Society at any time.

Upon receipt of your application, you will be notified how and where to submit images of your paintings for review. You will be asked to submit six jpgs by email of your original watercolor paintings for approval by the attending signature members. Because we believe your work must speak for itself, we ask that you not be present at the time of consideration. Design and drawing skills, facility with the medium and the quality of presentation are the key points upon which applications are reviewed.

Each application is presented, discussed and then voted upon by secret ballot. You will be notified by email regarding the Society’s decision on your application.

In the event you are not selected for signature membership, you will be accepted as an associate member and you may apply for signature membership again in a year. You may apply for membership as many times as you like.

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