Brooklyn Watercolor Society


The objectives of the Brooklyn Watercolor Society are to further the creative efforts of its members, to spread knowledge and cultivate interest in the watercolor medium.

Rhea Sarah Kirstein

Watercolor Artist

Rhea Sarah Kirstein

Artist Statement

I have always loved being near water, on the water, and in water. I love the languid and dreamy look of fish, flowers, plant life, and people as they thrive in it, float on it, or swim through it.  I am intrigued by the wavy, blurred lines that water creates. It is no surprise to me that I paint in watercolor.

Yet I don’t paint seascapes as you might imagine.  I am more drawn to the close-up, and in particular, to the close-up of flowers. Though semi-realistic, my flower paintings suggest parts and features of familiar flowers, enough to make them recognizable as flowers, and as specific flowers as well.

What distinguishes the flowers in my paintings is that they appear to be floating.  My flowers are not growing in a garden, on a hillside, or on a mountaintop. There is nothing like grass or soil to anchor them; no vase to contain them.

In seeking to create a softer environment for my flowers, my love of water unexpectedly crept into my thoughts. As a result, my paintings have taken on a more fluid look. More and more I am letting the flow of pigments in water lead the way.  I have brought subtle textural effects into my paintings too.  Combining these approaches has opened up a new array of possibilities for my work.