Brooklyn Watercolor Society


The objectives of the Brooklyn Watercolor Society are to further the creative efforts of its members, to spread knowledge and cultivate interest in the watercolor medium.

Stephen S. Yaeger

Watercolor Artist
Stephen S. Yaeger

Stephen S. Yaeger

Artist Statement

I am a self-taught artist who, by trial and error, has learned the techniques of creating images in oils, watercolor, pen and ink, graphite and charcoal. I am particularly drawn to the natural world of wildlife, landscapes and seascapes, but if I find any subject interesting I’ll not hesitate to paint or photograph it. There is no extensive planning prior to creating a painting or drawing; I visualize the subject as I work allowing the piece to ‘plan’ itself. Watercolor allows me to work using free, easy brushstrokes and is perfect for water or landscapes. I know a piece is finished when I feel that I have captured the essence of the subject. My work has no fanciful explanations nor fanciful titles. I just paint, draw and photograph subjects that I find pleasing and hope that the viewer finds the finished work equally so.”

Authored and illustrated field guide of local seashore life for Gateway National Recreation area; Co-authored and illustrated series of four physical science booklets for BCHS Dept. of Science and Oceanography; Authored and illustrated “Whales – Those Magnificent Sea Animals with a Hole on Top of Their Heads” used for a lecture series; Produce First Day Cover cachets, which are gaining popularity in the collectors’ field; Co-authored and illusrated art curriculum for Special Education Curriculum Unit NYC Bd. Of Ed.; Illustrator for NYC Bd. Of Ed. Marine Biology Regents committee; Designed/illustrated “Seamore Gull’s Rockaway Fun Book” for the Rockaway Chamber of Commerce.

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